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Visa Service in Oman

Oman is a well-set destination as a tourist spot as well as a business investment destination. When it comes to visiting a place, one of the essential documents be it for the personal or professional purpose is a visa. It is a pass, an endorsement that is issued by the Government of any country that allows an individual to visit the nation. Now, depending upon the purpose of the visit, the visa has been classified into different types along with their respective deadlines, to meet the needs. By the end of the article, you will get a clear idea regarding all the necessary information related to Oman Visa. Let’s start with the different types of visa in Oman.

Types of Visa in Oman

When it comes to the different visa types, Oman has the following categories:

1. 10-Days Single-Entry Oman Visa

This visa can be extended further for ten days by paying an amount of OMR5.

2. 30-Days Single-Entry Oman Visa

This visa can be extended for one month by paying an amount of OMR20.

3. Transit Visa

This visa allows an individual to stay in the nation for a maximum of 72 hours.

4. 1-Year Multiple-Entry Oman Visa

This visa allows the visa holder to visit the country multiple times. Each stay lasts for more than a week and can be extended to a month.

5. GCC e-Visa

This visa can be used to enter Oman within 6 months of approval and is valid for 1 year.

Now, to apply for any visa, certain essentials are required to be submitted. To acquire an Omani Visa, the following essentials are to be submitted.

Oman Visa Requirements

  • Two passport size photos
  • Copy of passport, not less than six months
  • Copy of specimen signature of the authorised signatories, issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • Proof of financial stability

Once the essentials are submitted, the visa can be obtained effectively. Now, there exists another flexibility wherein one can fasten the processing time by paying an additional amount. Do have a look below regarding the Oman visa fee, and the processing time.

Oman Visa Fee

Standard Processing (within 72 hours)


Rush Processing (within 48 hours)


Super Rush Processing (within 12 hours)


To fasten the offline process, the government has initiated an online portal to deal with e-visa. Read below to know what e-visa is all about and how it serves out to be more beneficial as compared to the regular one.

E-Visa Service in Oman

The Omani government has come up with an e-visa service which accelerates the visa process as it is less time-consuming and is beneficial to individuals for both visits as well as business purpose. To apply for an e-visa, the online visa application process needs to be completed, after which the visa will be approved in the designated e-mail.

How to Obtain an E-Visa?

The process of obtaining an E-visa gets done only in a few steps:

  1. An application needs to be filed accordingly along with the essential documents
  2. Pay the necessary fee by using a debit or credit card
  3. A reference number will be provided which is required to determine the visa status and obtain it

Thus, you can see that getting a visa is an essential but a time-taking and a complicated process. To ease it, it is recommended that you have a word with a consultant who is well-versed with the legal issues as well as the Omani visa framework. Wondering whom to contact? Don’t worry. We have your solution.

Xcellence | Your Visa Guide

We are a team of experts in setting up business entities in UAE. We have been dealing with multiple clients, who hold different business types ranging from initial start-ups to multi-national companies. We aim to help business owners to turn their dream business into reality and considering that we deliver services right from incorporation, taxation, accounting, and legal services. Travelling abroad; be it for business purpose or leisure involves the legal documentation process. We are taking a step ahead to help our clients in dealing with the visa services and provide end-to-end facilitation that includes:

  • Visa registration process
  • Extension process
  • Renewal process
  • Stamping process
  • Entry conversion
  • Exit permission
  • Visa conversion

To initiate your first step towards obtaining your visa, do contact us. We’d be happy to assist you.

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