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Company Formation in Qatar

Company registration is the initial phase that every business organization needs to undergo to get its stand as a legal business entity. The registration procedure involves the core documentation process, to obtain different licenses that will give legal permission to a business entity to carry out its activities. Setting up a company in Qatar turns out to be a favorable choice for foreign investors and business entrepreneurs as it is on the track of transforming itself as one of the largest business establishment hubs. Being a business owner or an entrepreneur, it becomes a necessity that you should hold a clear picture of every step that gets involved in the company registration process. This treatise will give you a clear picture regarding the Qatari registration process. First, let’s see…

Why Qatar?

Qatar, with its capital Doha, has been continuously providing multiple options to business investors to explore, invest, and expand in numerous ways. Different corporate structures can be established according to business needs. The country also acts as a gateway to enter other Middle-Eastern countries. You will get a clearer picture by the end when we discuss the benefits of investing in Qatar. Now, let’s head with…

Qatar Company Registration Process

If you are planning to setup your company in Qatar, you need to present the below-mentioned documents to initiate the registration process.

Documents Required

  • Copy of ID Card for each of the authorized persons
  • Company Registration application
  • Copy of Articles + Memorandum of Association
  • Photo of the office building which states the company name and address
  • Certificate of the building and a copy of the ID of the building owner
  • Rental agreement

Next, you need to proceed toward the registration process.

Process of Company Registration in Qatar

  1. Identify a Qatari partner, or apply for 100% owned business at the Ministry of Business and Trade
  2. Company name and activity registration at the Qatar Company Registry
  3. Deposit a minimum amount of QAR 200,000 for initial bank account opening
  4. Preparation of Articles and Memorandum of Association
  5. Necessary attestation needs to be done from the Ministry of Justice,
  6. Application of registration needs to be submitted at the Chamber of Commerce
  7. Necessary documents are to be drafted and presented to obtain Municipality License, Immigration Card
  8. Company Seal needs to be designed and obtained
  9. Activity approval is required to obtain a trade license
  10. After the clearance of the above processes, the Company Registration Certificate needs to be collected

Benefits of Investing in Qatar

1. Rich Business Infrastructure

Qatar possesses a well-built and rich business infrastructure that connects multiple spots and is a one of the convenient reasons for business investors.

2. Low Corporate Taxes

Qatar holds itself in the category of low corporate tax in the world with a rate of 10%.

3. A Powerhouse of Energy

The nation serves as a podium of natural energy. It also provides subsidized rate on oil, gas, electricity domains.

4. 100% Foreign Ownership

Qatar provides opportunities for foreign investors to hold 100% ownership in different business domains.

5. Helping Hand from the Government

The Qatari government has been taking multiple steps to provide a wide range of benefits to international investors, and to establish Qatar as a business platform.

6. Healthy Financial Markets

Qatar embraces a very strong banking base that uplifts the nation’s economy to a large extent.

7. Presence of Free Zones

Like the UAE, Qatar also holds free zones that grabs the attention of business freaks and helps to establish a business in an easy way.

8. Avoidance of Double Taxation

Qatar has entered more than 30+ agreements with multiple countries that help to avoid taxes while import and export.

Our Business Setup Services in Qatar

Xecellence Management Consultants will help you in your company registration process in Qatar, along with services like:

  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Legal
  • Intellectual Property
  • Auditing
  • Visa
  • PRO Services

Xecellence has been one of the leading business consultants in the Middle East, well-versed with the company set-up processes, along with the establishing the above-mentioned core pillars. To know more, do contact us – we’d be happy to assist.

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