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Copyright Registration in Dubai

UAE has been a forerunner in business for years now. Massive portions of the top companies in the world have established a branch in the Middle Eastern nation. UAE is home to many of the richest in the world and has a market like no other. Over the years, there has been a massive increase in the art sector too. With concerts, art exhibitions, music festivals etc. UAE has been a destination of multi-culture with flocks of tourists coming in from all over the world.

Copyrights have been an integral part of any artist’s career. For those wishing to start a production company in UAE, It is a must to have knowledge of the present copyright laws. There is a strong need to protect the authentic works of authors, singers, etc. Copyright law in the UAE has made this possible.

What is Copyright?

Authors of the works and owners of related rights shall enjoy the protection provided for in this Law, in case of violation of their rights within the State, namely as concerns the following works:

  • Articles, pamphlets, books and other written works.
  • Computer applications and programs, databases, and related works as decided by the ministry
  • Lectures, sermons, speeches, and other works similar in nature.
  • Theatrical works, pantomime and musical shows
  • Music Composition with or without lyrics (words)
  • Visual, Audio, and Audio Visual Works.
  • Architectural designs, works, engineering layouts and drawings.
  • Works of drawing in colours or lines, lithography, engravings, sculpture printing on wood, textiles metals, and other similar works of fine arts.
  • Analogous and Photographic and works.
  • Works of plastic arts and applied arts.
  • Illustrations, sketches, geographical maps and 3D works related to, topography or architecture geography etc.
  • Derivative works, without violating protection laws applicable to the original work from which it has been derived.

Rights under Copyright

There are two types of rights under copyright:

  • Typed application
  • There are two kinds of rights under copyright law
  • Economic rights, which let the rights owner derive financial reward from the use of their works by authorised persons.
  • Moral rights, these rights protect the non-monetary interests of the original author.
  • Most copyright laws state that the original author has the sole right to authorise or prevent certain types of use in relation to a work or, in certain cases, to receive monetary rewards for the use of their work (such as through collective management). The economic rights owner of a work can authorise or prohibit
  • Its reproduction in different forms, such as sound recording or printed publication
  • Using it for public performance, such as using it as a play or part of any musical work;
  • Recording it, such as in CDs or audio cassettes.
  • It's broadcasting, by, cable, radio or satellite.
  • Right to withdraw the work from circulation during serious justifiable circumstances.

The rights of the author under UAE’s copyright law are protected throughout the lifetime of the original author and fifty years after, commencing on the beginning of the calendar year subsequent to the author’s death. Also, the rights of the original authors of joint works are also protected throughout the lifetime of all authors and fifty years after, commencing as of the beginning of the calendar year post the death of the last surviving author. If the works of an author were published after their death, then the copyright is protected for 50 years post the year of publishing.

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