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Shelf Company

Buy a Ready-Made Shelf Company in Dubai

In Dubai, to start your business, you either have to open a new company or to buy a shelf company. The shelf companies are also known as a shelf corporation, ready-made, or aged company. It is a legally registered company that has no activity. It can be bought by anyone to bypass the tedious registration or incorporation process. So, if time is a constraint for your venture, a Shelf Company can be the best option.

Ready-Made Company Packages


2-year-old company

[Location: Ajman Offshore]

From US$ 9,000

5-year-old company

[Location: RAK ICC]

From US$ 12,000

Free Zone

1-year-old company

[Activity: Trading]

[Location: Northern Emirate]

From US$ 25,000

2-year-old company

[Activity: Trading]

[Location: Northern Emirate]

[Eligible for Tax Residency Certificate]

From US$ 45,000

2-year-old company

[Activity: Trading]

[Location: Dubai]

From US$ 55,000


2-year-old company

[Activity: Trading]

[Location: Dubai]

From US$ 15,000

3-year-old company

[Activity: General Trading]

[Location: Dubai]

From US$ 23,000

Choosing the Right Shelf Company and Advisor

There are different types of Shelf companies, choosing the right one is based on the suitability with the business. It entails risk if the shareholders' history, bank records, debts, etc. are not checked properly before transferring the Shelf Company to the business owners. It is advisable to speak to our consultants before the selection process. It is important to understand the charges, time and other requirements for owning a Shelf Company.

Shelf company is beneficial in the following ways:

1. Saves Time and Cost

It saves the time and expense of forming a brand new corporation.

2. Provides Easier Access to Capital and Credits

Potential creditors or business resources are more likely to extend a credit or lend to an established company rather than to a newer corporation. The business will have more access to credit lines, leases and banking relationships and investment capital as well.

3. Does Away with the Waiting Period

Owning a ready-made company allows you to engage in business credit or real estate agreements as an established company, without having to go through the long waiting period of establishing a brand new corporation.

4. Gives Instant Access to Contracts

Some of the UAE government bidding processes requires that your company be in business for a specified minimum length of time. Buying a ready-made company becomes advantageous if a new company wishes to participate in such bids.

5. Longevity and Operating History

An aged company provides established longevity and operating history, which makes it easier to build the corporate image.

6. Eases the Documentation Process

Longer the registered corporation, easier is the access and processing of business visa and company documents for the organization members.

Why Choose Us to Buy a Ready-Made Company in UAE?

At Xcellence, we are well adept with the legal aspects of acquiring a new company and the business climate of the land. Once you identify the UAE Shelf Company, we undertake the necessary due diligence to provide speedy service. Our services will include shelf companies in RAK Offshore shelf companies, Ajman Offshore shelf companies, Free Zone shelf companies or shelf companies in Jafza Offshore.

Once you favor a Shelf company, our specialists will verify the company’s legal address, fee structure, corporate bank account, directors’ addresses, and all necessary certificates and permissions. Our evaluation method takes special care to check that no existing liabilities are passed on to you after a takeover. We will also provide you with all the legal advice on every matter related to acquiring the company. We will ensure that you don’t end up paying a significant premium for acquiring a ready-made company. Once the credentials are soundly established, we will assist you in your negotiations and in the transfer of the ownership. To sum it up, Xcellence will register the shelf company and keep it ready for the buyer.

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