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Visa Services in Bahrain

Visitors who wish to travel, live, and work in the Kingdom of Bahrain are required to acquire a visa in advance before entering into the country unless your country has visa on arrival agreements with the nation. Whereas, all the citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states are not required to obtain any visa for entering into Bahrain according to the GCC laws of free movement within the Gulf.

What is a Visa?

A visa is an authorized identification that is issued by a country to specifically permit a foreign citizen into the nation for a specific period of time, usually, a visa is in the form of a sticker document with stamps that are placed in one of the pages of the passport. The visa is usually issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Immigration authorities of the country you are planning to visit the visa can be applied from the embassy or consulate of that country or territory.

Every country and territory has its own laws, procedures, policies, regulations, and restrictions in place for obtaining a visa, although entry into the foreign country requires visa the type & validity of visa largely depends upon the nature of the visit as a foreign citizen and the nationality of the passport holder.

Most common types of Visas are tourist visa, transit visa, medical visa, working visa, family visa, business visa, research visa, student visa. Furthermore, every visa has different validity, requirement, and a number of entries that you are allowed to enter into that country such as single entry, double entry, and multiple entry visas.

Sometimes, for certain nationalities are not required a visa to travel within the zones of a visa-free regime which incorporates regions with visa-free access and free movement for member nations (Some of them are Schengen Zone for European Union members, Middle East zone for GCC members, and certain national with visa-free entry treaties).

Types of Visas in Bahrain

One can find different types of visas in Bahrain. They are –

1.Tourist Visa

The Bahrain tourist visa is given for individuals of EU, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, and the USA for a period of stay of two weeks. The applicants must be having an original and valid passport with validity of six months and credible return ticket.

Procedures for Applying Bahraini Tourist Visa Differs According to the Nationality of the Passport Holder

  • Visa-free entry for the citizens of GCC states with no restriction on travel and work
  • Visa on Arrival/ e-Visa for the USA, Canada, Brazil, EU, Australia and 34 other countries & territories with validity for stays up to 1 month
  • e-Visa for the citizens of India, Taiwan, Qatar, South Africa, and 30 other countries & territories

Documents Required for Bahraini Tourist Visa

  • Scanned color copy of the first and the last page of your passport with at least 6 months of validity
  • Two scanned recent passport-size color photograph according to Bahrain visa standards (40x60mm)
  • Confirmed return air tickets
  • The visa application form duly filled and signed
  • Valid ID proof such as National identity card
  • Hotel confirmation details
  • Original bank statements reflecting transactions of the last 6 months with a minimum balance of Rs 90,000 per traveler, duly attested and signed by a bank official
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Health record from an authorized clinic

2.Visit Visa

The Bahrain visit visa is offered for foreign nationals who wish to visit the Kingdom of Bahrain temporarily for exhibition, conference etc. For this visa application to the Directorate of Immigration and Passport is required this type of visa is valid for a month.

3.72 hour & Seven day Visa

This visa is specifically designed for business professionals who can apply for this visa for small stays and business meetings or conferences.

4.Business Visa

The business visa is the visa issued for standard business purposes that usually take longer than a week. This visa is valid for four weeks and it requires NOC from a Bahraini sponsor.

5.Work Visa

The Bahrain work visa is required for individuals who wish to work or selected for a job in Bahrain with an employer. Usually, this kind of visa is applied by the employer or the organization on behalf of the employee and it has a validity of up to 2 years and has multiple entry options.

Documents Required for Bahraini Work Visa

  • Original and valid passport with minimum 6 months of validity
  • Passport sized color photograph according to Bahrain visa standards (40x60mm)
  • Sponsorship letter including the employer’s name/ organization, commercial registration number, employee’s capacity, salary, contract duration, employee’s name, date of birth, nationality
  • A complete copy of the job offer/contract
  • Health records from an authorized clinic
  • Good conduct certificate from legal authorities

6.Family Visa

The Bahraini family visa is only issued to individuals who have spouse, dependents, relatives, or close family members as sons, daughters, parents or grandparents living or working in the Kingdom of Bahrain with valid documents or as native Bahraini citizens. This visa is valid for up to 2 years with multiple entries permitted.

Xcellence Visa Services in Bahrain

Our visa services Bahrain aim at rendering a Bahrain visa quickly and without any hassle. We have streamlined our regional knowledge and experience in collaborating with government agencies to bring you simple and efficient visa processing services. We provide a wide array of professional support services interacting with government ministries, to procure the necessary approvals, licenses, and permits – so that you can sail through your business set up in Bahrain without a hiccup.

We at Xcellence Management Consultants have our team of experts to help entrepreneurs with visas for their employees in Bahrain and the rest of the Middle East. Should you decide to open a business here, do contact us, even if it’s just for friendly advice.

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