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+971 56 564 2164
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PRO Services in Qatar

Qatar has been rapidly growing in developing itself as a commercial hub. The process of company formation in Qatar has drastically increased down the line due to the high demand of the location. According to recent research, the total count of locals consists of nearly 15% whereas the rest is occupied by foreign expats. Now, setting up a company in Qatar involves severe documentation process and dealing with them turns out to be a severe task if the resources run shortfall. To overcome this issue, PRO services have been introduced. Let’s understand what it is all about.

What is PRO Service?

Public Relations Officer (PRO) service are also referred to as Document Clearing Services. When a business or enterprise gets established in Qatar, it needs to go through severe documentation process that needs to be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Qatar. Availing PRO service helps any business entity to clear the documentation process in a hassle-free way.

The nation has been booming in the industrial activities rapidly and has been expanding its business arena to a great extent, which is giving an equal rise to the demand for PRO services. You will get a clear idea as to why an entity should opt for it by going through the following benefits. Let’s have a look.

Benefits of Availing PRO Services

The main aim of PRO Services is to provide knowledge-based services to clients. By availing PRO Services, you will able to gain the following benefits and also meet the Qatar MOFA Attestation needs.


Opting for a professional who is well-versed with the legal documentation process can be a great time-saver than managing the core task in-house.

2.Proper Documentation

Since PRO services mostly deals with paper-work, and experienced professionals hold updated information, so it becomes easier to deal with the paper-work.

3.Lessens the Work Load

Dealing with the documentation and paper-work in-house can lead to a lot of chaos and turns out to be a tedious job. Outsourcing the same can help you in lowering the burden and the same resources can be used for other business tasks.

4.Saves Cost

Training in-house team costs a lot. Even if you pay there exists a lack of assurance regarding the work-quality. By joining hands with professional experts, you can avoid the training cost as well as get an assurance when it comes to work-quality.


Dealing with professional experts, especially in terms of PRO services turns out to be more transparent. Copies of all the government charges will be provided and will decrease the risk of any confusion.

Our PRO Services

At Xecellence, we provide a wide range of PRO Services in Qatar that includes:

  • Renewal of License
  • Certificate Attestation in Qatar
  • Dealing with Visa /Labor Card Requirements
  • Processing documents related to Labor/ Immigration Department
  • Typing and Translation Services
  • Filing for Government Approvals
  • Certificate Attestation in Qatar Foreign Affairs etc.

Who We Are?

Xecellence turns out to be one of the premium business consultants in the UAE. We are a team of experts’ aims to transform business establishment dreams into reality by providing our clients with multiple business incorporation services along with its core pillars lie Accounting, Legal, Taxation, Visa, PRO services etc. Our business experts provide tailor-made solutions for a fast and easy process. To have a word, contact us today-we’d be happy to assist you.

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