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Hospitality Industry

The hospitality and tourism sector in the United Arab Emirates is growing and will get more acceleration leading to the World Expo 2020 to meet the rising demand of visitors travelling to Dubai from over 192 countries.

Hospitality Industry in Dubai

Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the UAE. Many industries are established in Dubai and known as the global city as well as the business hub all over the middle east. Because of its tourist spot, it is also known as the ground for tourism. Dubai drives world attention through large construction projects and sports events, in particular, the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Dubai is also known as shopper's heaven across the world.

The hospitality industry in the UAE is one of the sections that never fails to attract people. When we analyze the leading hospitality markets globally, there is adequate proof that Dubai's hospitality sector is not in a lower rank than what the sceptics point out. With a 78 per cent all over year occupancy and an average daily rate of AED 804 across all Dubai hotels in 2018, Dubai's hospitality market gives a high competition to many cities in Europe, the US or Asia.

How will Expo 2020 Dubai Benefit the Hospitality Industry?

With Dubai Expo 2020, the launch of Warner Bros World and Dubai’s first Theme Park, the UAE is developing well with its massive plans and is becoming the tourist hub. With so many progression already made in the city, the trends that are affecting the hospitality sector are coming into full power. The inclination of the hospitality industry is not the cause because of a single-handed phenomenon, but various socio-economic parameters are there which are determining the hospitality sector in Dubai.

Infrastructure plays a vital role in the betterment of the hospitality industry. For making a better infrastructure, Expo 2020 is going to play a separate level of the game. To face significant challenges in the country like the growth of population, climate change and to control pollution there is a severe need for sustainability so the themes of Expo 2020, opportunity, sustainability, and mobility.

When we are talking about the hospitality industry in Dubai, the Dubai Tourism department had announced that its hotel is all set to increase by 11% in the coming two years and 132,000 rooms are expected to be serviceable in the Emirate by the end of this year. With more and more tourists attracting towards Dubai, stepping in the list of top 10 destinations to explore and the government focusing on the hospitality industry more than any other industries. Even restaurants are not lagging behind, and are progressing at a frantic pace.

Dubai has close to 260 people per restaurant, not because of the shortage of people travelling the Emirate but because of the increase in the number of restaurants. In such a dynamic pace, you may be wondering what the key trends which are driving the growth of the hospitality industry in the Emirate are. Here we have for you a list of top 10 hospitality trends from different segments which, according to us, are driving the growth of the industry in Dubai.

Opportunities in Hospitality Sector

With the booming demand in the hospitality sector in Dubai, the business opportunities are at its peak. Expo 2020 is going to play a significant role in the improvement of the hospitality industries. Around 25 million visitors are expected to visit the Expo in 2020; roughly the population of Shanghai. Business investors across the world are investing in the UAE because of its vast opportunities.

The Dubai hospitality industry is all set to grow exponentially with over 25,000 rooms joining the market by 2020. Due to such remarkable growth, many hospitality jobs are also rising in a dramatic way. This massive number of vacancies can be a significant opportunity for youngsters. So, if you are looking for jobs in the hospitality industries in Dubai, you have a better chance to show your talent in this new hospitality world.

The Emirate is a destination famous for her massive oil and gas volumes, but the tide is subtly changing all over. The country's hotel sector is literally attracting the job market as some of her oil reserves continue to rise.

As per reports from Deloitte consulting, Dubai's goal is to target over 20 million tourists yearly by 2020, a factor that is pushing the industry to its new heights. Dubai Hospitality Industry is all set to see new heights in the future, and Expo 2020 is going to play a pivotal role to set its height.

How can Xcellence help you?

The current happenings, including the achievement of such a worthy step, indicate a spur in the number of international tourists that would lead to a significant role in the development of the hospitality industry. With Expo 2020, there will be a vast number of increments and improvements in the hospitality industry in the UAE. Along with this business, opportunities in the field will touch a new height.

Our company, Xcellence, is all set to assist you in setting your hospitality business venture in Dubai. Starting from registration, licensing, document verification, everything will be assisted by Xcellence. Contact us to know more about the services provided by our company to set your business in the UAE.

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